MooreFlow is designed predominantly as a screed for block and beam floors. It can be used for house and conservatory bases, where there is a need for flowing concrete. 

Correct preparation is essential; a membrane must be in place before concrete is poured. It is imperative that the correct measurements are taken in order to avoid delays with unnecessary make-ups. 

MooreFlow is a self compacting and free flowing material which requires very little effort to place, thus saving manpower. It requires no vibration and gives an excellent surface finish. 

The process of finishing is fast, requires very little effort and gives an excellent flat surface eliminating any need for floating. 

It is essential to cure the slab. The dosage of curing membrane required is critical and dependent upon the size of slab. The specified volume must be used. The curing membrane should be sprayed onto the concrete surface as soon as the free standing surface water has disappeared. However, it must not be sprayed onto surface dry concrete. Further information is available if required.

The finished product gives a very smooth surface quality, enabling the speedy completion of the slab. NB. If any adhesive is to be used the curing membrane must be removed. This can be done using a pressure hose.