COVID 19– Return safely to work:

As we continue to work under the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, a return to work can be a period of concern and stress for everyone, including us all here at Moore Readymix. As a company, we fully support the UK Government’s plan to encourage a return to work if and when it is safe to do so and recognise the crucial responsibility, we have to make sure this commitment is upheld. We have a duty to ensure the health and safety of all our employees and customers in all our operations and this extends to the COVID-19 measures.

Alongside our existing health and safety measures, we have introduced a range of new procedures that allows us to confidently work under the threat of COVID-19. This will help make sure that we are limiting the potential spread of the virus while protecting our employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community we work within.

  • Social distancing (2m) are in place in offices and sites.
  • No paperwork passed on site with scanned tickets available electronically on request.
  • PPE provided for all staff with drivers having masks, gloves and hand sanitiser within their vehicles and stations at all plants and offices.
  • Staff encouraged to work more from home when appropriate with limited numbers within indoors spaces.
  • Temperatures taken and recorded before staff start work at all sites. If an employee’s temperature is over the recommended limit, they are sent home immediately.
  • Staff encourage to wash their hands upon arrival at sites and use the hand sanitiser that is provided.
  • Clear guidance and instruction for any staff member who reports possible symptoms to contact their line manager for company advice that will be conducted through the General Manager in line with the company policy. This policy is essentially to follow the UK Government’s guidelines which the General Manager will keep up to date with. We also stipulate that no one can return to work without being tested and cleared.
  • Risk Assessments are being reviewed to make sure best practice is being followed. We have spoken to other businesses to assess if we can make improvement and encourage feedback and input from employees and any other parties with are in contact with. We encourage a communitive, collective focus on Health and Safety and that included the threat of COVID-19.
  • We will not be carrying out any meetings at our offices and/or sites until the Government advice suggests it is safe to do so. No one from outside Moore Readymix are allowed within the offices. Barriers at sites are now in place to uphold this policy.

We will review the Government advice and guidelines and continue to ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved with Moore Readymix and the communities with live and work in so proudly.

As with anything, if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and your interest in Moore Readymix and as ever, Stay Safe.

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